​Dissertationen / doctoral research studies

Dissertations of MD students


J. Erharhaghen
CT-Perfusion in Acute Stroke

S. E. Jung
Irrationales Denken und unrealistischer Optimismus bei Medizinstudenten. Eine neuropsychologische Betrachtung

J. Schmid
Nutzen der intraoperativen Elektrocorticographie in der Epilepsiechirurgie des Temporallappens


S. Ramseier
Klinische Präsentation und Behandlung von Patienten mit Morbus Wilson in der Schweiz


A. Fischer-Sieber
Sicherheit und Effizienz von intravenöser Thrombolyse bei Patienten mit akutem ischämischen Schlaganfall im 3-4.5 Stunden Zeitfenster

C. Hurni
Selective REM sleep deprivation in nacrolepsy

P. Kaiser
Modafinil ameliorates excessive daytime sleepiness after traumatic brain injury

J. Kempf
Sleep-wake disturbances 3 years after traumatic brain injury

R. Neumann Poryazova
Evidence for metabolic hypothalamo-amygdala dysfunction in narcolepsy


A. Anagnostopoulos
Left-hand superiority for the implicit detection of a rule

J. Schuler
Precision and accuracy of the subjective haptic vertical in the roll plane


S. Hauser
Heart rate variability in patients with idiopathic Parkinson's disease with and without obstructive sleep apnea syndrome

M. Oberholzer
Sleepwalking in Parkinson's disease: a questionnaire-based survey

M. Schaer
Cortical morphometry in narcolepsy with cataplexy

A. Wicki
Evidence of impaired multisensory vestibular signal processing in patients affected by Parkinson's disease

M. Wienecke
Progressive dopamine and hypocretin deficiencies in Parkinson's disease: is there an impact on sleep and wakefulness?


D. Bjasch
Differential effects of visual feedback on subjective visual vertical accuracy and precision

M. Cippà
Actigraphic assessment of periodic leg movements in patients with restless legs syndrome

A. Hübner
Characteristics and determinants of restless legs syndrome in pregnancy: a prospective study

S. Schipper
Predictive value of lidocaine for treatment success of oxcarbacepine in patients with neuropathic pain syndrome


M. Haertle
The presence of oligoclonal IgG bands in human cerebrospinal fluid during the course of neurological diseases

Dissertations of PhD students


M. Harrer
Organotypic CNS slice cultures as an in-vitro model for damage and repair in multiple sclerosis

T. Loetscher
Neglected aspects of neglect

C. Stiehler
Analysis of the plasma cells repertoire in inflammatory myopathies


C. Tamagni
Functional hemispheric asymmetries in emotional processing and nosognosia

J. S. Thomassen
Gaze control in a dynamic paradigm of head-in-space orientation


K. Hasenbach
Real-time in vivo imaging of targeted anti-glioma approaches


M. Ahmad
How stem-like are sphere cultures from long-term cancer cell lines?

M. Silginer
Integrin inhibition interferes with TGF-beta signaling in malignant glioma cells


C. Chien-Cheng
Effect of positive and negative visual feedback on ocular motor control

P. Codo
Growth and differentiation factor (GDF)-15, microRNA and the immunophenotype of glioblastoma

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